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Recent activity: 

5  Jul 2016: Added the Snake Nebula.

3  Jul 2016: Added the Pipe Nebula.

6 Jun 2016: Added NGC 4631 and 4656 image.

17 Jul 2015: Added Pluto image.

16 Jan 2015: Added Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) and M45 widefield.

13 Oct 2014: Completed transferring my old Moon images to this site.

09 Oct 2014: Added 08 Oct 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse images, also added some old Moon images from my old site, I have more old images to add still.

4 Sep 2014. Added Sun prominence gif.

19 Aug 2014. Added 22 Aug 2014 1540 UTC AR2146 C6.2 Flare.

19 Aug 2014. Added more recent Sun images.

3 Aug 2014. Added the rest of the Solar images that I took in Jul.

24 Jul 2014. Added 24 Jul 2014 Sun Ha SS

20 Jul 2014. Added 20 Jul 2014 Sun in Ha

17 Jul 2014. Added Sun in Ha

Note: 6 Dec 2013. Completed transferring my Comets images. Also fixed some broken links and page titles.

Note: 5 May 2012. Completed transferring my NGC Catalogue images.

Note: 28 Apr 2012. Added new Saturn images and some old Misc photos. And fixed a couple of broken links.

Note: 18 July 2010. Added M27 and some older images to the Messier page. Also added the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex to the Piggy-Back page.

Note: 16 Aug 2009. I've completed adding the most recent images to this site in most categories. However, I still have alot to transfer over yet.

Completed categories:

Deep Space: Barnard Catalog

Deep Space: Colorful Double and Multiple Stars

Deep Space: Index Catalogue

Deep Space: NGC Catalogue

Deep Space: Messier Catalog

Solar System: Asteroids

Solar System: Comets

Solar System: Sun

Solar System: The Moon


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