NGC 2392, The Eskimo Nebula



 NGC 2392, also known as the Eskimo Nebula, Clownface Nebula, or Caldwell 39.

This is a planetary nebula.

Constellation that it's located in: Gemini

Imaging Site: Taken from my back-yard in San Diego, Ca.

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Date: 27 Dec 2008

Scope and f/: N11GPS at f/10

Mount: Wedge

Guiding: STV Deluxe

Camera: Canon 20Da, ISO 800 and raw mode.

Camera temperature: N/A

Camera binning: None

Number of sub-images and exposure: Thirty-three 4-minute exposures.

Filters: None

Image Calibration: Darks

Planning, control, capture and processing with: Nebulosity and Photoshop.

Images may be used for personal and/or educational use only.