NGC 884 and 869

20041113 DBL Cluster


The Double Cluster, NGC 884 is on the left, NGC 869 is on the right. Both are open clusters.

Constellation that it's located in: Perseus

Imaging Site: My back-yard in San Diego, Ca.

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Date: 13 Nov 2004

Scope and f/: Takahashi FSQ-106N at f/5

Mount: Didn't record.

Guiding: Didn't record.

Camera: Canon 10D at ISO 400.

Camera temperature: N/A

Camera binning: N/A

Number of sub-images and exposure: Forty-two 180-second exposures.

Filters: Light Pollution

Image Calibration: Dark

Planning, control, capture and processing with: ImagesPlus and Photoshop.

Images may be used for personal and/or educational use only.