Comet Pan-STARRS Scenic

20130312 Pan-STARRS Scenic


Comet Pan-STARRS (c/2011 L4) and the Moon from San Diego County, California mountains.

The streaks on the left are from Interstate 8. The lights in the valley are the town of Pine Valley.

Imaging Site:

An overlook at 4407 feet altitude off Sunrise Highway (California S1) at N32 degrees, 49.567 minutes,

W116 degrees, 29.795 minutes.

For more information on Comet Pan-STARRS (c/2011 L4):


Date and time: 12 Mar 2013 at 7:42:50 PM PDT

Mount: Tripod

Camera: Canon 10D with 28-200mm Zoom Lens at 28mm.

Camera ISO: 800

f/: 5.6

Exposure: 13 sec.

Processing with: Photoshop. Image is cropped by large amount.

Images may be used for personal and/or educational use only.