20041121 Mare Crisium

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Mare Crisium

Reprocessed from my 20030905 image using the 3D transform technique described in the Jan 05 Sky & Telescope "A new Way of Looking at the Moon" article by J.P. Metsavaino. Done with Photoshop CS. Processed to bring out detail in the Mare, ended up blowing out some of the other parts of this crop.

Imaging Site: San Diego, Ca

Date: The

Scope and f/: Takahashi FSQ-106N at f/10 with a 2x Barlow.

Mount: Data Lost

Guiding: None.

Camera: Canon 10D

Camera temperature: N/A

Camera binning: N/A

Number of sub-images and exposure: One, exposure: .1 second.

Filters: None

Image Calibration: None

Planning, control, capture and processing with: Photoshop.

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