20041122a Arschs Area

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Aristarchus Crater area.

Reprocessed from my 18 Oct 2002 Aristarchus crater image using 3D transform. Performed many tweaks to get the results shown here. Reprocessed with Photoshop CS.

Imaging Site: My back-yard in San Diego, Ca.

Date: 18 Oct 2002

Scope and f/: Celestron C8 with Kenko 2X Teleplus Pro 3000, resulting in f/20.

Mount: Celestron wedge and tripod.

Guiding: None.

Camera: Canon D30, ISO 100, jpg mode.

Camera temperature: N/A

Camera binning: N/A

Number of images and exposure: One at 3/10 second.

Filters: None.

Image Calibration: None.

Planning, control, capture and processing with: Photoshop.

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