The Sun


The center of our Solar System. It is approximately 93 million miles (149.6 million km) away from us. Light takes around 8 minutes to reach us. It's diameter is 870,000 miles (1.4 million km) , and rotates at the equator in 25 days.


The images I have taken with the hydrogen-alpha telescope are either taken with a monochrome camera or just the red channel of a color camera. When I convert these to colors shown below, they end up being whatever color that I happen to feel like at the moment. 

Most recent image is first.

20141019 AR12192 WL
20141019 AR12192 WL Raw
20141018 AR12192
20141004 105818
20141004 104758
20141002 121308PDT
20141001 175901UTC-SAT
20140910 AR2158 Flare
20140910_175702UTC AR2158x1_6
20140822 Sun 1st FlareCAP
201408221551UTC FlarePeak
20140816 Sun SS
20140815 AR2144 DS
20140815 AR2141_2139 DS
20140815 AR2139_2141 DS
20140815 AR2135_2140 DS
20140804 Sun Ha SS 1
20140730 Sun Ha DS
20140730 Sun Ha DS 2x
20140729 Sun Ha SS
20140728 Sun Ha DS 2
20140728 Sun Ha DS 1
20140724 Sun Ha SS
20140720 Sun Ha
20140717 Sun in Ha
Sunspot 570

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