20141019 AR12192 WL Raw

20141019 AR12192 WL Raw

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AR 12192 white light image raw image.

The preceding image was processed from this. Just wanted to show what I started with. This is the raw stacked image from Astro IIDC that the only processing done is to down-convert from 16-bit to 8-bit and turn it into a jpg from a tif.

North is up.

Imaging Site: My back-yard in San Diego, Ca.

Date: 19 Oct 2014

Scope and f/: Celestron 8" SCT at f/25 (a 2.5x Powermate is installed).

Mount: Takahashi NJP.

Guiding: None.

Camera: Point Grey Grasshopper Express (GX-FW-60SM-C) monochrome video camera with a ICX694 sensor. Camera is operating in 1368x1096 16-bit mode.

Camera temperature: 119.0 F (48.3 C)

Camera binning: None.

Number of sub-images and exposure: Stacked 77 images from the 501 frame captured video.

Filters: Celestron mylar solar filter and a UV/IR cut filter (wasn't sure if I needed the UV/IR filter or not, installed it for grins).

Image Calibration: Automatic flat processing in Astro IIDC.

Control, capture and processing with: Astro IIDC and Photoshop on a Mac.

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